Button sewing nuances

Button sewing nuances


Button sewing nuances

Sewing buttons on a sewing machine or manually is a matter of taste and shape of the buttons.

Only buttons with holes on a flat surface can be flashed on the machine. Sewing buttons on the leg might be challenging, but perhaps there are those among you who can masterfully deal with this?

And so, from the nuances:

1. First sew the buttonhole, and then mark the buttons, not vice versa. During the sweeping process, buttonholes can move slightly.

2. Be sure to additionally secure the button space on the sewing machine, as during wear the button may torn off with a piece of cloth.

2. Replace the regular leg with a special one with a wide opening between the sides of the leg.

3. Use the pins to find the buttons. Mark this place with a marker or chalk.

4. Select the zigzag mode on the sewing machine in increments of 0 and a suitable width.

5. Be sure to leave the threads after sewing, tie them and hide them in a fabric, then the threads will hold the button firmly and will not open.